About your session

For a first visit, I use an intake process to learn about you, and your health and well-being to discern your health concerns and goals.  I then intuitively incorporate Healing Touch, Reiki, guided imagery, essential oils and crystal therapy to manifest your healing. 


During your session, you will rest comfortably, fully clothed, on a massage table. I will use gentle touch or hands-off techniques to clear, balance and direct healing energy while removing barriers to your best physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well-being. 


On subsequent visits, we will start by chatting about what brings you to the session, I'll listen for your healing needs, and the session will start.




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My Services

New Client Initial Consult

Includes a comprehensive, holistic conversation to discuss health issues and goals, plus an initial treatment session to clear the "blocks"  and toxins that limit your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being (60 minutes).

Follow Up Session

A fully customized healing session that leaves you feeling deeply relaxed with an enhanced sense of connectedness to yourself.  Gentle Reiki and Healing Touch techniques are intuitively selected to treat client's priority health concerns (60 minutes).


Express Mind Clearing

This restorative mind clearing gives your system a reboot when time is of the essence.  Gentle touch techniques are used to decrease stress and encourage a state of deep relaxation (30 minutes).


Lymphatic Clearing

Uses brushing hand movements in the energy field above the body to energetically support the clearing of congested lymph (60 minutes).


Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Gentle touch techniques aimed to open, clear and balance the body's major and minor chakras.  Promotes relaxation, enhances sense of well-being and restores a healthy flow of energy throughout the body (60 minutes).


New Moon Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Prepares the mind, body and spirit to allow new energies, patterns and habits to manifest in each lunar cycle by incorporating the energetic techniques, essential oils and healing crystals that work with the energies and challenges present in each lunar cycle.  Best timed with the new moon, or several days before or after a new moon (60 minutes).


In- Home Treatments for Humans or Animals

Utilizes fully customized  gentle touch techniques to treat priority health and wellness concerns.  Encourages the healthy flow of energy throughout the body, restores a sense of well-being and promotes deep relaxation.  I will travel to your home, hospital room, care center, or veterinary clinic upon request (60 minutes).


In- Home Vibrational Space Clearing

Creates clear and harmonious spaces using Pair 5 Tuning Forks to remove congested and stagnant energy in spaces.  Can be used in barns, homes, cluttered spaces, hospital rooms, outdoor spaces, shelters, training facilities, grooming facilities, individual rooms, and veterinary clinics.  I will travel to you upon request (60-120 minutes, depending on number of rooms to be cleared).


Distance treatments for Humans, Animals or Vibrational Space Clearing

Energy is not restricted by distance making these energy therapy sessions  possible while I am in a different location than the recipient.  Equally effective as hands on treatments,  distance healing combines focus and intention with healing techniques to provide balance to the body, mind, spirit or spaces (60 minutes for humans and animals; 60-120 minutes for Vibrational Space Clearing, depending on number of rooms to be cleared).


Package Sessions

Package sessions allow for treatment at a deeper level and/or for multiple health concerns.  Includes personalized treatment sessions and self care recommendations to enhance healing work between visits. 


Packages of 3, 6 and 10 are available and offer cost savings to you.  





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