Healing Touch for Animals


Animals have energy fields that can be affected by physical, mental, and emotional stressors, much like humans.  These stressors cause energetic imbalances which can lead to illness, injury, and behavior problems.   


The Healing Touch for Animals techniques  are used to clear and balance an animals energy system.  A balanced energy system becomes relaxed and allows the body's physiological systems to stabilize and function properly, creating a sense of well-being and allowing healing to occur.


Healing Touch for Animals techniques are not intended to replace standard veterinary care.  However, used in conjunction with veterinary care, this gentle touch energy therapy helps animals achieve and maintain wholeness throughout all life stages.


Benefits of a session can include:

  • Supports well-being
  • Speeds healing from injury or accident
  • Reduces anxiety, stress and pain
  • Eases grief, separation and trauma
  • Helps with behavior modification
  • Improves training and competition focus and performance
  • Strengthens human/animal bond
  • Supports the dying/euthanasia process




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