Vibrational Space Clearing

The vibrational frequency of Pair 5 Tuning forks generates clear, balanced and harmonious environments.  On a music scale, Pair 5 Tuners are 5 notes apart, and when struck together create a frequency known as a perfect fifth interval.   For example, when singing  Do Re Mi Fa Sol,  the Do and the Sol  together would create a fifth interval.  The pure fifth interval  is considered the second most important interval in "sound healing", and occurs within both ancient and modern forms of healing music. 


While this technique is not technically considered sound therapy, the frequency of the Pair 5 Tuners can be used to clear congested and stagnant energy in:

  • homes
  • barns
  • cluttered spaces
  • hospital rooms
  • outdoor spaces
  • shelters
  • training facilities
  • grooming facilities
  • individual rooms
  • veterinary clinics




Got some energetic congestion to clear?